Russell 1y, 8d ago [edited]

As far as I can tell the boto3 client for ECS does not support the ability to trim down the response document.

I think if I wanted to speed up execution I would have a separate service to query and then cache the results. I would then query the cache instead of working directly with real time data. I'm not sure if your problem can deal with slightly stale data.

My questions for you:

  • How long is your AWS Lambda execution time right now?
  • How certain are you that waiting for the ECS service descriptions is the slowest part of the current implementation?
  • How often does your AWS Lambda run?
  • If you could have instant ECS service descriptions, how much would you really save?
  • Is this really the best cost saving problem you could be working on?

I'm naive of why you want to speed up execution times. If you want to save on cost, I personally wouldn't bother. Engineering a robust solution to speed up execution time is likely going to cost more than what your Lambda bill will be.

If it's to speed up a long pipeline of dependent tasks, I think I would try engineering some sort of caching service instead of working directly with AWS API responses.


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