Russell 196d, 20h ago [edited]

I use a Curb to get real-time energy usage.

The traditional unit showed on average a 45 minute recovery time at 4500-4900 watts, since this is less than an hour, I first multiply 4500 by .75 to get 3375 watts for an hour, finally I divide by 1000 to get the 3.375 kWhr.

The new system runs for 3 hours, using an average of 350 watts, so I first multiply by 3 which is 1050 before I divide by 1000 to get the 1.05 kWhr.

This is 69% decrease in consumption each time the system runs to recover.

The system runs to recover after showers, baths, and dishwasher. 3-6 times per day.


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