Russell 299d, 17h ago [edited]

Hey Jacob,

  1. It should work in an Angular site, although I have not tested it. It's just a block of HTML (with a dash of optional Javascript).

  2. Yes, I provide two ways to customize the look and feel. You may paste CSS into the Namespace settings or you may point to an external HTTPS address of a CSS file and Remarkbox will link it on your behalf.

  3. You own the data and may export it out at any time in an easy to understand JSON format.


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Jacob 298d, 21h ago

Awesome thanks. I'm going to see how easily my intern can set up our own comments system (no time to architect it myself) and if we run into trouble, this is looking like my go-to off the shelf option. Assuming, that is, we can figure out how to place it where we want it in the Angular components.

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