Can I control how Remarkbox looks?

Russell 1y, 228d ago [edited]

Yes. There are a few ways to control how Remarkbox looks on your site.

For embed mode, under your the Namespace settings dashboard, you may enter a URI to a self hosted CSS file. Alternatively you may instead enter CSS and we will host it on your behalf.

In stand-alone mode you have the option of building your own Remarkbox theme.

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bytedude 1y, 144d ago

Hi Russell, can you please explain what embed mode and stand-alone mode are? How can I use stand-alone mode?

Also, I can't find the setting for a self-hosted CSS file -- do I have to sign up for a production account to enable this feature?

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Russell 1y, 143d ago [edited]

Hey bytedude!

Yes, the options for the self-hosted CSS file require that you sign up for a production account. Once you do that you will see a new menu that shows various Namespace settings.

As for stand-alone mode, check out this FAQ: Do you have any real examples

Basically stand-alone mode is useful for a dedicated FAQ site, like this very page you are looking at!

Embed mode is for adding comments to an existing site.

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unverified 1y, 143d ago

Gotcha. Thanks for the reply!

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Dave 208d, 6h ago

A nice feature would be a light and dark mode - so that we could use an embed snippet that is pre-configured for a site depending on the background color (if this is possible.)

The default snippet works well on sites with light colored backgrounds, but for darker backgrounds, the dark grey text inside the iframe doesn't show well. I got around this by assigning a lighter background color to #remarkbox-div which works but isn't ideal obviously.

I guess another way around it is signing up for a plan (wink wink) so I can edit the namespace settings and use a self-hosted CSS file, but in my case, my blog is so small that I'd be lucky to get more than 5-10 comments in a month, so its not worth it. I'm loving Remarkbox and the implementation so far though. Excellent work!

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